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Making some lists


It’s a cold, windy day and I had errands to run in Birmingham. I’m fighting off a vicious sinus infection and my fridge and freezer are empty. I needed to stock up on basic vegetables from Trader Joes, some paleo staples from Whole Foods, and a big restock at Penzeys. I didn’t want to be gone all day so I filled up Elvira and headed into town.

2016-12-03 12.06.51

Holiday baking is coming up soon. I needed Bob’s gluten-free baking flour. This is what I use in place of regular flour. I also needed to restock my biscuit/pancake mix, “Bisquick”, but in my favorite gluten-free version. Pamela’s is my favorite for those treats. I wandered around Whole Foods trying to find the BBq/smoked chicken salad hot bar. It has always been a small bar next to the meat department. It’s gone and so are my happy thoughts. I need that smoked chicken salad back in my life.

Trader Joes is my newest favorite place. I can load up on no-crap fillers frozen foods a lot cheaper than I can at the regular grocery store. And, Kerrygold cheese. I would drive to Birmingham just for the cheese.

2016-12-03 14.07.28

Since I’m making a big batch of soup,  I needed some fresh greens to go with it. I firmly believe in combating colds/flu with good nutrition.

2016-12-03 14.07.38

After I bought all the greens and nuts and stared longingly at the natural wreaths, I walked over to William’s Sonoma to use my gift card from 5 years ago. Peppermint bark is one of my favorite things from WS. Well, “affordable” things. I could easily love all the Le Creuset but my collection is complete and I do not NEED any other LC colors.


As I walked out of Williams Sonoma, I saw a sign for Bath Body Works candles $8.50. That is the best price I’ve ever seen for their 3-wick candles. I can’t burn many of them, but I definitely wanted another Sweater Weather and maybe a frosty-something. I stood in line for 45 minutes but I hit the jackpot on holiday candles.


IMG_6890   IMG_6881

With Elvira loaded down with greatness, my last stop was Penzey’s. I had a long list of spices and blends to restock. I have big plans for the Ginger bits.



Groceries bought, I zipped home so I could watch Alabama take on Florida for the SEC Championship. Alabama won Smile

I wish I could say the game was exciting, but I fell asleep half-way through. My coughing is getting worse and my lungs are tight. Not good signs.

Merry Not-So-Happy Christmas!