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Running Base Building Week #4

running 3

Last week’s running review was possible an appetizer for this week. While this week wasn’t as bad, it wasn’t great.

I did get in 3 different running workouts. Some were more walking than running. I just felt off and weird and I was struggling. I hope I’m not getting sick because in my past running life, these were clear signs that my body was fighting something other than my thighs fighting spandex.

Run 1: 30 minutes, boring but done.

Run 2: 30 minutes

Run 3:42 minutes.

I may have to reassess next week. Today is Saturday and I have no idea what’s going to happen with the weather. We are forecasted for snow and not thawing out for a couple of days. I may get a long snow run!!

January, hurry. I need payday to get here fast.