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Busy Times

running atlas

On one hand, I’m not sure where January went. I was trying to convince Atlas to let me get on the treadmill this morning. He had other ideas like reminding me that he wanted a second breakfast. With the 100th day of school tomorrow, I guess I have had a sense of urgency going on in the back of my head. Spring will FLY by and I have a lot of work to do on myself and with my students.

On the other hand…payday is still SO FAR AWAY. We get paid once a month, on the last weekday. It seems like 5,304 days since I got that December check. Atlas needs to eat and I need sticker and shoe money.


In other news, we in Alabama are getting a little excited about small chance of snow next week. It’s so rare that when we get glimpses, we get silly with it. I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it’s hard. When you live in an area that has awful summer humidity for 6 months, snow is a novelty. But, here I am. Living the snow dreams. 2019-01-18 20.50.54

I wish I could report that my diet is on point, my life is in order, my lists are crossed off, and I’m not a spastic mess.

Yet none of those are happening. I feel like I’m on a bad carousel. January is almost gone and my ducks are not in a row. They are raving in the streets.

I wish I could report that my workouts have been consistent. I can’t lie about that, either.

However, what I CAN report is that I’m living the best life I can for this moment. Maybe I can get ahead at work and then stay on track at home. All I can do is try. And I refuse to live life in a holding pattern until my checked off lists are complete. Not this year.

Now, I have a fireplace and hot chocolate to enjoy. The lists can wait until this weekend.

2019-01-23 18.54.46