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I’ve got a fever

2019-01-28 08.12.11

And if a cow bell is anywhere near me, get rid of it.

more cowbell

I knew I didn’t feel great yesterday. I wasn’t awful, just…off. I thought it was mostly because my grandmother was taken to the hospital for a possible heart attack and I was going to make a fast trip to MS. I got a few miles down the road and Mom said she was doing good and they were no longer confident that it was a heart attack. We made plans to meet up this weekend. I went back home and crashed hard, for no obvious reason.

This morning, I felt like the train had left the station and ran me over. Body aches, fever, chills, and a nasty gross cough. I dug out the mucinex and albuterol inhaler and fired up the Thieves and eucalyptus oils. I checked the fridge for lemons and the pantry for hot tea. I knew I had a whole chicken and homemade bone broth in the freezer. I grabbed some towels and closed off the bathroom doors so I could get steam showers to cough up…grossness.

Since this wasn’t presenting as a sinus infection, I wasn’t about to go to the doctor just to get a flu test. The results wouldn’t matter. I can’t take Tamiflu. If didn’t have the flu, I would most likely get it from the waiting room. We are in the middle of widespread flu cases in Alabama. I did get the flu shot back in September. In fact, our school participated in a pilot program to give free flu shots to any child with parent waiver. All but 4 of my students go a shot and 2 of those had plans to get one at their own dr.

So, I doubt this is the flu. It’s most likely bronchitis and I know how to monitor that for further treatment. I also know this stuff can get ugly fast. I’m not stupid.

Since I was still running 101 at 3pm, I got a sub for school tomorrow.


Trust me, my coworkers and friends are thanking me.

And now, back to bed to wait for my long winter’s nap that should follow the hot toddy I just drank Winking smile

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