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Running Base Building Week 2

saucony 2019What a difference a week makes.

Sometimes the motivation is high and things just go right. That was this week. It was a wild week at school and things are getting more stressful. Getting outside to pound some pavement (instead of pounding adult faces) was absolutely necessary to my mental health.  With morning CrossFit classes gearing up soon, I use the treadmill or get to the river walk in the afternoons or night. The weather this week was almost spring-like.

I mentioned in week 1 that I’m focusing on minutes, 30-45, at least 3 days a week. With 2018 ending in knee issues and overall loss of running shape, I’m focusing on quality of time instead of quantity of miles. That will come after some base building.

Run 1: 35 minutes, steady

Run 2: 28 minutes, slow. I was taking up the back seat on the Struggle Bus.

Run 3: 38 minutes, HIIT—slow then fast, no specific pattern.


Later, Grinches.