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Running Base Building #10

2018-10-02 05.56.51

Oh what a difference a week of storms make!!!

I got miles. I got miles on the treadmill. I got miles, y’all. It’s been a great week!

Eventually, I’m going to change this series to some actual running training. I don’t see it happening until after June. I am building as much base as  I can before camping and hiking above 10K ft in Colorado. Flatlanders from Alabama need every advantage to get to 14ers. I’m working on getting as many miles, endurance long runs, short sprints, and plain long slow distances as I can between now and June. The racing might have to wait until fall. I’m totally ok with that.

running problems

Monday:  2 miles

Wednesday: 2 miles

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: 3 miles

Saturday: 4 miles