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Running 2013 Recap

This was a great running year!

  • 4 Half marathons
  • PR in road Half-Marathon
  • CR at Twisted Ankle half-marathon
  • 947 miles
  • Qualified for Half-Fanatics

I went through a few pairs of Sauconys this year. I plan to go through more in 2014.

While I was thinking about upcoming race goals, I spent more time thinking about just getting better and more efficient at running. I’ve never been super fast, but I really need to work on speed. I did a little speedwork this past fall before I got sick so I need to get back to that. I just need to improve. I’m not satisfied with my race times nor my running economy. I don’t really consider this a goal, but more of a direction in training. Now…how do I want my list to look on December 31, 2014?

My goals:

  • 1,000 miles
  • New CR at Twisted Ankle Half-marathon
  • Marathon #2
  • Reach 14,000 ft. in Colorado. I made it to 13,600 in June.


2014-01-05 23.00