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Rough Ride-Book Review

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I love a good MC story. I blame it all on my parents who let me stay up late to watch Chips WAAY back in the day. I’ve been stalking biker stories ever since then and I’m extremely picky about my MC binge reading.

Rough Ride is a great MC story. This is the 4th novel in the True Brothers MC series by Gillian Archer. This is Bam’s story and it had my attention from the first page.

Amber is the club princess. Two years ago, her father was killed as a result of “MC club business”. Amber had to pick up the pieces of her family after her mother drowned her sorrows in booze and her brother joined the MC. Amber couldn’t return to college because somebody had to find a job to pay the bills. Amber has asked nicely for 2 years about the details of her father’s murderer and she’s done asking nicely. The club put up a united front so she went looking for answers outside the club’s protection.

Because Amber has been sheltered for most of her life, she’s not aware of the danger in catching the eye of a Russian mobster and he begins to pursue her HARD. Bam will not stand for that. After he takes her home after finding her with the Russian, he realizes just what Amber has had to do to keep her family alive. He also realizes just how bad the club has failed them.  However, with Amber being THE club princess and totally off-limits, he’s not taking any more chances with her safety. Knowing the rules of the club, but knowing the Russian is not going to just go away, he claims Amber for protection.

Does Amber feel the attraction? Is she open to accepting help from the Club? How far will the Russian go in claiming Amber? Will her mother take control of her life? Will her brother take a hard look at how his leaving has affected his family? This fast-paced story has all the answers. I loved reading Bam and Amber’s story and I’m glad they got their HEA. No cliffhangers. Thank you to NetGalley for the book for my honest opinion. Rough Ride  is available July 24th