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Pre-marathon Training

2018 Workout Wednesday

Taking on an 18 week marathon training plan is daunting. What’s even more daunting is pre-marathon training. If you’re not in running shape to complete a 5 mile long run on the first week, then you’re not ready to start the 18 weeks. Not to say that it’s not possible, but it’s not going to be fun and injuries are just waiting for the right time.

2018-07-27 22.34.37Pre-marathon training is basic and necessary. I plan 2-3 runs during the week and long runs of 3-5 miles each weekend for about 6 weeks. This base building is crucial for me. I feel like I need to be at the top of my game in the summer months. I know the fall months usually include a few sinus infections and maybe pneumonia before December. Having a solid base is one of my best weapons in getting past illness.

 2018-07-27 22.36.35I thrive on routines. I have for my entire life. Lists, plans, priority lists, etc are always within reach. I have a ritual before my weekend long runs. Even for 3 mile long runs, I perform this ritual. It’s all about getting in the mindset and mentally preparing to go run the next morning, rain or sun.

2018-07-27 22.37.39Here is my ritual:

  • Charge device. These days, it’s my Garmin 735xt and my phone
  • Wash my Nathan hand-held.
  • Lay out clothes, including hat. I never run without a hat. Redheads have easy-to-burn skin and scalp.

Having things laid out and ready means I only have to go through the motions as soon as I get up. Now I just go run and enjoy/tolerate the elements.

Speaking of elements, it’s mid July. It’s been a very wet July, but hot. Notice what I found on my run. FALLING LEAVES. I refuse to believe this is anything but a sign that autumn colors are coming soon. I am not listening to those mean “it’s because it’s so dry……” people. That’s not the case this year.

I know the temps won’t be fallish until late September, but my autumn heart lives for the fall.

2018-07-28 07.58.40

A great day for a long run in pre-marathon training!

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