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Roll Tide Today

AtlasAtlas was so excited about game day, he fell asleep during SEC Nation.

The Alabama-Arkansas game was at 11:00 am and let’s just say I was still in pajamas at 11am on a hot muggy day. I didn’t get out this morning due to the broken finger I’m now dealing with.

2018-10-06 09.32.32-1

Leash incident with Atlas. He’s so very sorry and I’m fine. It’s broken in one place and the tip joint dislocated. Fun times.

pumpkin spice

I did get up and clean the kitchen for some cooking that will be going on tomorrow. I found my biggest mug and drank enough coffee for all the night shift workers in Tuscaloosa.

2018-10-05 06.14.04Atlas helped me get dressed. It’s a fight every morning. He’s so excited when he “helps” me by bringing random things from the clothes hamper. He’s tall enough to stand and reach his face in for whatever he feels like bringing to me.  I don’t like to fuss at him when he wags his behind and gives me that look. He really thinks he’s bringing me a gift. breakfastGame day breakfast! This is my trusty old sausage frittata recipe. It’s basically a copy of Ihop’s country omelet. Hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, cheese, green chilies, sour cream on the side.

Alabama won the  game, but Saban is furious that we let AR get a bunch of points. Can’t wait for the news conference Open-mouthed smile. Roll Tide.