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Roll Tide Roll! Alabama v MSU

2016-11-12 10.11.09

We decided earlier this fall that we would not go to any games this year because we are about to sign a construction loan and building a house takes lots of coin. We would save our pennies for fixtures and shiplap and catch up with the Tide next year. After all, even if Saban gets another championship this year, he will need 1 more to surpass the Bear. Chances are high that he will NOT retire after this year.

We all know we are spoiled rotten in Tuscaloosa and we know that can’t last forever. But we were taking our chances that we could jump back in to games and tailgating next year. Especially since Keith Holcombe’s future looks VERY good for next year. He’s kicking tail on special teams and he hits hard in the middle linebacker position behind Foster.

So, with all that said, I was very surprised when Stephen took these tickets from our family.

I knew he couldn’t stay away for a whole year. And he always says I’m the one leading the way on games and tailgating Winking smile

2016-11-12 10.11.56

Let’s face it. Fall just isn’t the fall in the south without going to a game. We showed up at 11am to see Mississippi State try their best at stopping the Tide.

2016-11-12 10.56.36

We won.Smile

Roll tide roll. All the way to #17.