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Red Cups are back!

2016-11-10 07.23.06-1

Every year, I wait patiently for the first signs of the holiday season. No, it’s not the July Hobby Lobby Christmas take over. That’s way too early. And hot.

Starbucks caused some misplaced controversy last year with their “plain” red cup. The Christians got all hissy because they took it as a “war on Christmas”. I’m a Christian. That was ridiculous. It’s not Starbucks’ place to be the barometer of the war on Christmas.

But, in their marketing genius, they used all the drawings of some creative people who drew their own designs last year. They used some of those designs for the cups for 2016. Awesome designs. More than 1 design. And many of them are definitely “Christmas” themed. I loved my first cup this morning. I got a skinny peppermint and it was divine.

Before my early morning trip to the coffee motherland, I hauled my tired self out to run a few miles. Fall running is pretty awesome in Alabama.

2016-11-10 06.50.10-1

Today is our Grandparent’s Day at school. Gazillions of Kindergarteners means gazillions of proud grandparents. I needed to make an effort in my school teacher wardrobe. Cue the proverbial boots-in-leaves picture.

2016-11-10 06.49.36-1

Since my day was jam-packed and not a little bit relaxing, I offered for Stephen to take me out for dinner. Tacos. Always. This local place knows my favorites. Cheese is always my favorite.

2016-11-10 19.18.14

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here…..but these have been up since Oct. 29th when Hallmark channel started their Christmas movies. Another sign of the season. Decking the RV is quite an adventure. Frankie was NOT impressed.

2016-11-11 13.05.17

I guess what I’m saying is consider this your fair warning.

Holidays are happening from here on out at Katrina Runs for Food. And I wouldn’t have it any other way Smile