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Playlist Thursday: All in the Family


I was so excited to see a return to Playlist Thursday by Pavement Runner! He picks a theme, and we try to come up with 3 songs that fit the theme.

  • Something old (at least 5 years old)
  • Something new (within the past year)
  • Something to consider (wildcard)

The reason I love this series is because I love finding new music and I have found some great tunes from blog posts about running/workout playlists. I tend to get stuck in a music rut and I often decide right before a race that I want to change things up. Sure enough, I’m racing Saturday (by “racing”, I mean dragging my bones up and down a mountain and hoping to clear out tons of chest congestion at the same time….yes, that’s “racing”) and I need new tunes!

So, without further dawdling, here we go. My choices for Playlist Thursday.

Something old: INXS- Need You Tonight.

This brings back memories from the 90’s when driving around town in the Blue Carolla. Was I really that young once??


Something New: I’m so glad I found this (Just released THIS WEEK on youtube from their vevo channel). Album release soon, I hope.  I have several songs from this band and I found most of them from looking at youtube clips of gaming “videos”. That is a great source for running or workout music.

30 Seconds to Mars. The Race

  Also, one that may be overtaking The Race is also new. Up in the Air.


Something to Consider: AC/DC Money Talks

I just love this intro and have no idea why it is not already on my playlist. Great running music.


Thanks again for bringing this back! Have a great weekend everyone, and never let the music die. Open-mouthed smile

Patti Smith

Thursday 11th of July 2013

Oh my goodness! I forgot all about Need Your Tonight!! I think I was a freshman in college :)


Saturday 18th of May 2013

Thank you for sharing playlist Thursday - I really like it....