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I say it every year. My birthday is SO MUCH FUN! And with the 17th being on a Friday, they was even better.

One year older. One year closer to moving into our house. I am thrilled with both. I wouldn’t go back to my 20’s for NOTHING. I was busting my tail at work, broke. BROKE. Tiny apartment. Overweight. No time after work and living in a very unsafe area of Memphis. BROKE. Rice and hot dogs were cheap. No hobbies. Running required sneakers. I was a Payless girl. No camera so no blog. Blech. No thank you.

I’ll stick to my age now. I’m young enough to still get carded for looking 30 at the wine store. I’m old enough to know women really DO get more awesome as the years pass.

Thanks for reading, those who have been around a minute. New people, thanks for sticking around Smile 

Happy FRIDAY!!

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