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Pepper Place 2017

Market season is here!

Pepper Place market just opened it’s spring season. This market grows every year and this year will be another booming season. With the severe drought in the summer (30+ days without rain), I wasn’t sure how plentiful the spring crops would be. The strawberries and sweet potatoes seemed to be right on schedule. The greens are looking good. And the first hothouse tomatoes were best-sellers.

I enjoyed visiting some stands that are local to Tuscaloosa. After getting a few greens, potatoes, and sausage, I found some old and new favorites. With a successful first 2 weekends, Pepper place is off to a great start to a long growing season.

First up was Tea Town Alabama. Their tea truck was making it’s debut season in the back parking lot. Tea this good needs to be closer to the action. Strawberry basil is a staple for spring. Grab some quick before strawberry season is over. Their teas are based on local availability and the menu changes with the seasons.

pepper place 3

Harvest Roots Ferments had a brand new kombucha. I saw this new on their Instagram and knew I needed to try it. I absolutely love this company. They are from north Alabama, and I’m always posting good things on my IG about Harvest roots. Fermentation is where it’s at, folks. Kombucha, kraut, kimchi, etc are loaded with probiotics which is crucial to the tediously long process of healing leaky gut (common in people with Celiac disease, like myself). Expect more great things from Harvest Roots Ferments. 


harvest roots ferments

harvest roots kombucha

The next local-to-Tuscaloosa stall was the Belle Meadow farms. These folks are frequent favorites at the River Market and now Pepper place. I bought some beautiful rainbow chard.

pepper place 10

After crossing off my list of favorites, I enjoyed walking the market and looking at the dogs. People love to bring their dogs, and I really hope I see more people carrying bags of goods. next time. When I see people walking a dog with only a cup of coffee and no bags, I get a little peeved. These farmers need the support of EVERYONE who walks the grounds of Pepper Place.

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