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Early mornings

2017-04-10 06.32.20

I wish I could pinpoint exactly when things started turning around for me. By that, I mean when it seemed I started getting ducks at least in the same pond, working on getting into rows. Happy ducks. Not many sad ducks, lately. All I know is that my mornings are so much better when I get up and do SOMETHING. I can either run at the park or work out in the shell of the house.

This morning, I worked through a circuit of back squats using lumber that’s stacked up for construction. I used some 15# dumbells for some “kettlebell” swings. And I started by 30 Burpee challenge. I was toast after all that.

2017-04-11 10.38.32-1

When morning coffee is empty by 9am, I’m in trouble. My keto coffee routine is coffee, heavy whipping cream, Kerrygold butter, pumpkin spice, and maybe a teaspoon or two of cocoa powder. No sugar in any other that and it has plenty of fat so it’s technically my breakfast. I usually make it last until 11ish. Today was NOT that day.

2017-04-11 18.17.13

Today is National Pet Day! I had to bring out one of the best pictures of baby Frankie. He will be 10 years old in August. He is such a part of our family. He’s our only baby and we are building this house with him in mind. He will have his own room and the loft will be cat heaven for him. He will be able to get higher up and stare down his kitty nose at his peasants.

2017-04-11 09.55.50

So, this is a thing. How did I not know this? Why have my friends not known this? IS THERE A CONSPIRACY????

2017-04-10 18.56.45

I stopped by the River Walk to get in a few miles after work. This area is my favorite running path. It’s on campus and usually busy, but not crowded so I can run with others and the walkers keep to their side and keep the dogs on leashes.

Can you believe I’m back to 2-a-days?? Let me give my usual disclosure. I’m not going balls-to-the-wall on both workouts every day. If my morning strength metcon is short and intense, then my afternoon run is more for feel-good endorphins and stress relief after a day of kindergarten.

If my morning workout is more stretching, yoga, one challenge component, etc, then my afternoon run is a training run with a tempo or longer distance. I’m balancing them out and I feel amazing when I get ANY workout in.

2017-04-10 20.27.55-1

Dinner tonight was so good, I failed to get a picture. I quick sauteed some keilbasa sausage and added peppers, onions, and this jar of Harvest Roots Ferments kraut. It was so flavorful and rich. I was HUNGRY after that run at river walk.

I’m just going to be honest. With us getting close to finishing this house, we are down to making decisions quick about things that will last forever in this house. Dinners are quick and might be eaten while standing up, working in the house.

Until we get settled, my food photography and recipe-creating is taking a back seat. I know what will happen. I will miss it and devote a weekend to cooking like crazy and getting some good pics that I can stretch out over a few weeks. But for now, I’m focusing on working out and enjoying spring in Tuscaloosa. Smile