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Pear Gorganzola chicken salad

Confession: I bought the pear gorganzola dressing. I want to make my own, but I didn’t feel like it today. Let me say again how much I love Super Target. I’m simply amazed at their selection of clean foods, even bottled dressings. This dressing did not have any HF corn syrup, sugar, or stuff I can’t try to say in front of company.


But here’s another question….what makes these “gourmet”? This may be carrying the “Tar-zshay” reputation a little too far. Cucumbers are cucumbers.


But the chicken is worth the extra price. It’s just chicken. Probably pampered chickens but healthy naked chickens. This pack of tenders cost me $5.75.


I cut these into bite sized pieces and added lots of good seasoning to them.

Time for salad! Greens, carrots, cucumbers, chicken, feta, and dressing.  This was a very light salad and the dressing was tart without overpowering the chicken. I only used a drizzle because it was a little higher in fat due to the gorgonzola cheese.