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Pasta with Roasted Pepper Arugula Sauce

     I first had this in June at the Argentine Grill in Rico, Colorado. It was a cool night on the side porch with a sweet retired teacher as our hostess. She recommended  the pasta and promised it would be a great meal. She was right. It was the most tender beef and the pasta sauce was spectacular. I paid close attention the flavors because I knew I would try to re-create this soon. Roasted red peppers, cream, parmesan, arugula and garlic were the most noticeable flavors so I stuck with these. However, this doesn’t even come close to the Chef at the Argentine.


It starts with pureeing some roasted red peppers.


Add some arugula.


Open a jar of light Alfredo sauce. Add the pepper puree’ and arugula.


Saute some veggies, boil some pasta, say a wish and a prayer.


Use some beef tenderloin to jack up the protein.

And then plate the masterpiece.


Pasta with Roasted Pepper and Arugula Sauce

  • 1 jar of roasted red peppers
  • 2 cups of arugula
  • 1 jar of light alfredo sauce
  • 1 lb of penne pasta
  • 2 cups of chopped zucchini
  • 1/2 cup of chopped red onion
  • 6 oz. beef tenderloin
  • 1/4 cup of shredded parmesan

1. In a food processor, puree 3 red peppers and arugula.

2. Boil penne according to directions on the box.

3. In a saute’ pan, cook the onions and zucchini in 2 Tablespoons of oil until tender.

4. In a small saucepan, warm the jar of alfredo sauce and red pepper sauce.

5. Thinly slice the beef tenderloin and broil 3-5 minutes until medium rare. Let sit 5 minutes.

6. Combine the pasta and sauce. Add beef. Top with shredded parmesan.