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Paleo Pad Thai from Well Fed

Some of the things I had to give up when we found out about Celiac disease were my favorite Asian dishes like Pad Thai. Most of these have soy sauce which is a big NO. I did find gluten-free tamari sauce which helped a LOT. However, the sugar in most of these dishes is not good for me, either.

But one look at this and I knew I could do this and since it’s from Melissa Joulwan, it was going to be great with a depth of flavor that she is famous for incorporating into her recipes. No blandness in this!

~pad thai2

To save time, roast a couple of spaghetti squash and grill a batch of chicken thighs during your weekend meal prep. Otherwise, cut them and get them in the oven roasting and start a grill pan of chicken while you put the rest of the recipe and that amazing sauce together.

Once the sauce is made, all that’s left is making the eggs and sauteing the veggies. This was a dinner favorite and leftover lunch for 2 days at school. I loved everything about this recipe!

Sunrise Scramble from Well Fed
I left my Paleo heart in Austin.