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Packing up and moving on

Bright  and early, we got up and made coffee and steak+eggs for breakfast. Isn’t he cute in his reindeer pajamas?

2014-06-12 07.42.51

2014-06-12 07.46.00

This is our campsite after we packed everything. This trail walks down to the stream that we could hear each night. We love the Aspen trees.

2014-06-12 10.53.21

2014-06-12 10.53.33

Profesh packers, right here. I just hope we don’t hit a pothole or we will lose everything.

2014-06-12 10.54.37

2014-06-12 10.55.00

Going up Arapaho basin.

2014-06-12 12.46.43

2014-06-12 12.47.58

2014-06-12 12.48.30

2014-06-12 12.56.08

2014-06-12 12.56.12

We are going to spend the next few days in Frisco-Dillon-Breckenridge area. We found a Whole Foods in Frisco and wreaked havoc on their salad bar.

2014-06-12 13.45.50

2014-06-12 14.13.55

I had to find this for my knee. I fell yesterday on the ice and twisted my MCL. That ligament runs along the medial side of my knee. The joint feels fine and I can put weight on it so I don’t think it’s any kind of tear. I’m hoping for just a sprain.

2014-06-12 14.59.14

We got settled in at Skier’s Edge in Breckenridge then went to eat pizza. I love this place and the gluten-free pizza is amazing. The crust doesn’t fall apart and they pile on the toppings. While we waited, we played a little skee-ball. I got my butt kicked in all 4 games.

2014-06-12 18.20.28

2014-06-12 18.31.25

2014-06-12 18.50.21

I couldn’t finish the whole thing so it looks like I have breakfast.

2014-06-12 19.18.46

Sunset in Breck.

2014-06-12 19.36.14

2014-06-12 19.37.03

2014-06-12 19.38.24

Having a blast, wish time would slow down.

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