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Dusting off my travelin’ shoes

This morning, we packed up the truck and said farewell to Colorado for the next couple of weeks. We are heading to Utah! Neither of us have ever been and his company has a plant in northern Utah. And if it has mountains, we should go. Once we cross the Mississippi River, finding high elevation is the goal. So hello, Utah.

The day was mostly driving. Hours and hours of driving.

Most of the day we didn’t have cell service since he lives by the “road less traveled” rule. One road was on a map but not named and google couldn’t find it once we had service. It was 42 miles of great paved road alongside a creek with the greenest pastures I’ve ever seen. Then we found the fracking companies and the irrigation ponds with a few fertilizer plants. Mystery solved.

The land here in middle Utah is beautiful. Flattop mountains that have interesting rock formations. It is dryer in the southern parts of the Rockies so there is a lot more sage brush and sand and fewer evergreens and Aspens.

We made our way north and finally got to camp near Mirror Lake. Back to flowing streams and green trees. Our original campsite didn’t have creek access. Stephen talked with the camp host and we moved to a gorgeous spot with the creek so close I could reach my hand out of the tent and grab snowmelt.

We had a quick meal of popcorn and hot chocolate. It was snowing and getting late. It’s quiet except for the water. Beautiful part of our country and we a so blessed to be able to travel to see it.






Tomorrow is another day of the great outdoors!

Packing up and moving on
Walking in a winter in June wonderland