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Over the rivers, through the cotton fields….

….To Grandmother’s house we go!

This morning is my Great-Grandmother’s 100th Birthday!

And she looks like she’s maybe 70. This is my nephew so this is her Great-Great-Grandson. This is a priceless picture, and both of them smiling!


Her centennial party was in a tiny town in Mississippi and each time we travel, we take a different route. There isn’t a direct way so the 5-6 options are varying in distance and time. All we knew was we had to try to find a way there and a way back all in one day.

There were so many people there! She is a very loved woman. They say riches are not measured in dollars but in friends. I would say she is a very rich and blessed woman in that respect. She still has full mental faculties and can tell you some stories from over the years. Smile 

Before we left, we ate a huge late breakfast. Knowing that my options at the party were slim, we had to figure out some meal options for me. We would be gone roughly 5 hours so it wasn’t like I needed to drag out a huge cooler and ice packs. But, I couldn’t depend on fast food and I was pretty sure the food at the party wouldn’t be gluten-free.  So, I took my own sandwich and fruit. I used one of the bagels from the Udi’s box. This was an “everything” bagel with savory flavor so it was perfect with plain turkey and cheese. This was a good plan. I ate half after the party and it filled me up until game time!


Happy Birthday Grandmother!!