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Bring on the Pizza!


The football season is almost over and I have survived it without pizza and game day cupcakes. Tonight, I conquered the pizza, thanks to Udi’s pizza crust. It was so easy. I decided what I wanted, built the pizza, and baked for a few

I wanted a simple beef and cheese. As far back as I can remember, Momma would always get a thin and crispy beef and cheese pizza whenever we went to Pizza Hut for my birthday. When I saw the ready-made crust in the package, it just looked like it needed those same toppings. But of course, I have to add some bling to my pizza. I love black olives and I usually run out of toilet paper before I run out of black olives. But I’m sure my mom would be pleased to know that I have plenty of TP and even if I didn’t, there is always that box of snowman decorated TP given as a chuckle gift 3 years ago. But sadly, no black olives. So I used some artichoke hearts. Close enough, right?

If anybody is still reading after that pizza description, trust me, it was GREAT!! The artichokes just gave it the salty bite I was needing from the olives. The beef and mozzarella were a little bland until I added some pizza seasoning from Penzey’s. After a few minutes in the oven, I finally had some homemade gluten-free pizza.


One last football game left: the National Championship!!