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Once Upon a Midnight Target

It’s not midnight yet, but it IS late after school and since it gets dark at 2pm, it seems later than normal.

Anybody else got the memo? Target has Griswalded the joint. All their holiday finery is out and proud.

2015-11-05 18.28.43

These deserve a moment of reverent silence.

2015-11-05 18.47.58

I’m trying to decide which one will work best in my kindergarten classroom. I’m leaning towards the dinoSanta.

2015-11-05 18.43.53

Mark my words. Someone is going to create some useful words with these stockings. Fingers crossed that the offensive an/or naughty words are spelled correctly.

2015-11-05 18.31.20

Oh, Yoda. I believe.

2015-11-05 18.30.25

These are awesome. Not necessarily Christmas, but just as important. Roll Tide Roll.

2015-11-05 18.28.10

I came to Target for 1 thing and 1 thing only….wait…2 things. But my Pumpkin Spice Latte doesn’t really count because it is from Starbucks which is convienientyly inside the Target. Anyway..1 thing.


A full-sized mirror. I’ve never had one since I left college. Not sure if there are any deep psychological issues at hand or rather I just do not care how my calves look. But now I do care. I care about the fact that I almost broke bones and maybe some ligaments when I slipped off the side of the tub that I was standing on trying to get a “full view” of my recent skinny pants and boots purchases. Fashion shouldn’t hurt. 

2015-11-05 18.27.40

When I got to the checkout, I had all this. Apparently, the overhaul of the Dollar Spot was very effective. Look at all this!!! In my defense, a lot of this will go to my classroom, which will create smiles on the faces of children. The bandaids are just so cool, I couldn’t pass them up. The lanterns are going on my mantle at home. And the sticky notes are for writing my hopes, dreams, and thankful things.  I need a lot of them.

2015-11-05 18.58.59

Target, you own me. It’s going to be a Very Merry Target Holiday.

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