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Of Hobbits and Holidays

I am still taking in this movie. We saw it last night and although I knew it was an end to an era that began in 6th grade for me, I was not prepared for THE END. My teacher read the Hobbit to us every day after lunch in the 6th grade and I soaked it in. I was an instant Tolkien fangirl and have devoured all the movies since our first one in 2001. I wasn’t ready for it to be over. No spoilers, but if you like the series, it is definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Breakfast. How do you scramble your eggs? I throw them in a pan and then scramble them up. I used to crack the eggs into a bowl, scramble, pour in pan. I saw a lady make them like this in a diner in CO and started making mine the same way.

2014-12-23 09.00.39-2

Pork Carnitas, scrambled eggs with cheese. Let the feasting begin!

2014-12-23 09.10.11

The best bowl of potato soup. Cream cheese instead of flour. Lots of cheese. Perfection.

2014-12-23 11.57.42-2

Singing and dancing is a must while on Christmas vacation.

2014-12-22 11.29.59

Drinking and dancing. I think the dancing is happening because of what’s in the cup of cheer…

hot cocoa

Season’s eatings and greetings and all that jazz. 2 more days..

Checking it twice
Let your heart be light.