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Checking it twice

Monday already!!! No way. I’m not ready for Christmas. Or I should say, I’m not ready for the post-holiday blues. No more seasonal cups of cheer. No more lights. Ugh..just the dark dank cloud of January. I’m sure we will have some weather mischief that brings tons of cold but no actual winter weather therefore, no snow days. I love snow days. And then in March, we will shoot up to 80* and stay there until July when we set in at 100* until November again.

Now that my grinchmas pajamas are on, I’ve been crazy busy today but having serious fun sleeping in until 6:00 and doing a few things here and there.

The trees have been trimmed, but these fire hazards have not. I have nifty wick trimmer that comes in handy when I pull out the Yankee flair.


Bowl games start this week. I’ll start watching when some SEC teams are playing. We are not going to the Sugar bowl to see Alabama obliterate Ohio State because we have 2 good leads on Championship tickets to Texas. Crossing our fingers! Visons of bowls games!

bowl games

I’m just now getting around to opening up my happy mail from some of my favorite etsy stores. I’ll have a full roundup post after the holidays.


Tea time. I love these flavors from Teavana. I had a great discount code and got these for about 60% off regular price. These are small sizes to see if I actually liked them. And I do. I will definitely go to our store in Birmingham to fill up. The White Chocolate Peppermint is just Christmas in a cup.

2014-12-08 23.31.11-2

I got a little brave and went to Target. These and a few other TMNT items found their way into my red cart. I hated these things when my sister was little (and she loved them) but now I’m loading the cart with them for her child and my nephew. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens underwear!

These almost got me arrested. I found them in the dollar spot and was texting my sister to see if these would fit. I had 2 pair and was trying to hold the phone and take a picture of one pair so I threw the other pair…into my bag, not the cart. I realized it when I looked up and an associate was standing there giving me a weird look. I did the instant freak-out-what-did-I-do dance and threw my phone into my bag and saw the other pair of socks. She started laughing and said that happens a lot and when the cameras catch it, they usually do a little checking to see if the people act guilty or shocked and panicked. Apparently, shocked and panicked is the way to go.

2014-12-22 09.54.41

I’m off to play with Frankie for a bit. He’s going to be alone this weekend and I don’t want him to feel neglected. Meowy Christmas!

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