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NWS Town Hall Meeting.

A few weeks ago, my favorite weather man, James Spann asked for volunteers to sign up to be part of an audience at a town hall meeting. We will be asked a variety of questions and our responses will be used in future research studies. The event is centered around April 27th tornadoes and those who were directly affected by this weather tragedy. Those selected to be part of the group will have clickers to submit our answers about the weather event and our thoughts and decisions leading up to and the day of the tornado outbreak. I got my evite  to participate in meeting last week and the meeting is tonight in Birmingham. I’m very excited about this.


More details later. I’m headed to the big city for a few hours. And speaking of weather, the cold front should pass through town tonight and FINALLY, I will have my fall breezy days coming up. I can’t wait for sweater weather!