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My year with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series

Let’s just say that 2016 was an epic year of running!

2017-01-06 16.50.24

Earlier in the year, I as humbled and ecstatic to hear that I was chosen for another year on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series team. We are a team of ambassadors that love the race series and talk about it all the time on social media and then make all our vacation plans around the various tour stops across the country. Sound like a fun time, right?

2016-11-05 11.33.27

I have the best year of running since my debut year when I ran all the local races I could and landed myself injured from too much enthusiasm. This year, I made promises to myself and I bulldozed right through them.

Not only are the races a total party from start to finish, but they have the best bling around. I won’t lie. I could say I’m only in it for the chance to PR. Nah. I’m in it for the fun and the bling and seeing new faces and catching up with old friends. I love taking short vacations to awesome places and I fully intend to do the same in 2017.

By the way, the swag box this year was fantastic. Stephen saw me open it and his eyes got big. “I came so close to buying you that jacket in Savannah at the expo, only it didn’t have the back logo”. That back logo #rocknblog says it all. This is the best racing team  and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

2016-12-31 01.23.31

The coupon codes are hidden but trust me…little cards of happiness.

2016-12-31 01.20.51

My race discount code KATRINARUNS is in effect for Washington DC, Mexico City, Nashville and Dallas, I will definitely be running Dallas and Nashville, again and I’m checking flights for Washington DC.

2 weekends of travel racing with my birthday in between sounds like the best plan. Who said getting older means getting “older”?

Keep in touch using #rocknblog on social media and find me @katrinaruns on IG, twitter, and FB.