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My best run lately?

Today, I’m linking up with other fellow Fitfluential runners to share the details and pictures of our best run lately. A big Thanks to Miss Zippy organizing this for us! And to the esteemed Pavement Runner for designing the graphic.

Not counting a GREAT race this week, the last time I had an outstanding run had to be my last trail run. That shouldn’t surprise anybody. I love the trails. Roads have their purpose and I use them more than trails due to the logistics of safety and location. But once a week, especially March-October, I need to breathe some trail air. I use these trails to build stamina and strength with all the hills. And when it was over, I just felt like the weight of the world went somewhere else and off my shoulders.

So what made this one so good?

1. Spring..finally! The weather for Alabama has been..ridiculous. I still have a down comforter on my bed in April. That is unheard of. By now, we are usually permanently wearing shorts and flip flops with the grill, pool, and beach music playing. This run was the first NOT FREEZING day. It was still chilly..but I wasn’t dealing with freezing snot.

photo 1

photo 2

2. The views. I love running along the side of the lake. I’ve seen a few snakes and squirrels in my years of running here. Today, the snakes were still hiding. Trees were starting to think about blooming. The fish were jumping. Frogs singing. I think I may have been high on summertime. Or the hope of it anyway.

photo 3

3. No injuries! I managed to make it through the 6 miles without leaving any knee, palm, or chin skin behind. Since it has been a while since I’ve run trails..well…run anywhere…I was a little nervous about an old IT injury rearing its ugly head. I made sure my ribs were well protected. I ran reckless at times, but didn’t faceplant.

photo 4

4. It was a return to racing and running. Best run in a very long time. In fact, this was the first trail run in over 6 months. On December 31st, I had a broken rib, separated rib, zero lung capacity, and couldn’t walk at my job without stopping to gasp for air. This 6 miles happened after 2 months of slowly building base miles back. When I first posted about this run, I didn’t have the words to fully describe this day. And now that I have a half marathon behind me in 3 months from my weakest days, I can say that this trail run was the turnaround point for me. I waited until I knew I could handle the miles and the technicals. And after it was over, I knew I could do the half in April. And I did!

Thanks, Miss Zippy for doing this! Reflecting back often reveals great things. Smile

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Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

Monday 8th of April 2013

I love running on the trails. Mine are way different than yours, I'm in the desert, but still the peaceful, beautiful experience is similar.


Monday 8th of April 2013

Ahhh...loved this post! That sounds like such a therapeutic, why I love running kind of run. I'm so glad it served a great purpose for you.

Thanks for linking up!

Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

Monday 8th of April 2013

Gorgeous trails! Those pictures remind me of trails I used to run on in upstate NY... nothing quite like it here. I'm so glad you're finally getting some spring weather, too.


Monday 8th of April 2013

I wish we had more beautiful trails like that here in Florida! And we're name twins, so that's an added bonus lol