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Moving on to the big show

Today was an epic fail. All around colossal epic FAIL.

Let me paint you a picture.

2:30am. Spending some time hugging the bowl. Nerves or glucose out of control. This can happen in the early days of cutting sugar completely. My pancreas doesn’t know how to handle the lack of incoming sugar.

5:30 am. Go back to sleep.

6:00 am. Get up for good. First day of teacher inservice.

7:30 Enjoy my breakfast quiche!

8:00-11:00 Listen to school policies and procedures and then….the OSHA blood-born pathogens video.


And then more policies.

We were released for a 2 hour…TWO HOUR lunch block. We hightailed it to the local Mexican restaurant and that is where things went from bad to worse.

Nothing I ate was Whole 30 compliant. 2 beef enchiladas (corn tortillas) are under there.


I DID get water….first. Then I got a sweet iced tea for the road. We were about to go to the UA coliseum for a district-wide Convocation. I suspected I might need that tea. However, this was the first sugar I had in 4 days and it hit hard and the crash 2 hours later was quite memorable.

I can’t go into great detail but wow. I can’t get those 3 hours back.

After that horrendous day, I came home and slept 3 hours. I felt like I had been sideswiped by a dump truck. When I joined the living again, I ate a potato and went to bed. Epic fail to the “start of the school year”.


Let’s not discuss it further. Day 5 will be better.

Weekly Menu August 4-9
Whole 30 Breakfast Casserole