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Monday’s musings-random thoughts

~yes I’m back from a brief post race break. Last week was nothing but school testing, field trips, and crashing hard after school. I didn’t have the motivation to post the most boring week of the year.

~this week is non stop school meetings and getting back to running and CrossFit. I shouldn’t be this excited for such busyness.

~did someone really stab J Bieber?

~ as much as I love oatmeal I’m ready to kick it to the curb if that will help.

~mixed results from endocrinologist. Headed to another dr this afternoon. Yippee.

~ 4 more Mondays until the end of school. I hope I survive. The roller coaster starts today. Pass me some sour patch jelly beans. Wait, never mind. Pass me a cucumber slice. Sigh.

~ happy Monday! I really wish I was back here.