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Monday Motivation

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(Motivation to survive the rest of the week. This full moon business has created a state of lunacy at school. Those looking for workout motivation, you’re on your own. I’m working out my face muscles and sleeping muscles.)

Anyway, this post is WAY overdue. If you’re curious in any way about the Longest Story Of Blogging Sadness And Technological Stuff Ever, just click some of those words. It took 3 posts to explain the biggest debacle in all my years of blogging. It was really sad and scary and irritating, but obviously, Katrina Runs is still working, eager to bring joy, advice, and sarcastic side-eye to the lands.

October. I love all things about it.  Make a list stereotyping fall-loving girls? I’ll raise a glass to it. A glass of pumpkins-spiced cider. You name the clichéd meme, and I’ll own it, love it, live it, and never try to defend it.

Even the famed “my favorite color” one.

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When you live in the South, sweaty, swampy, balmy air is the norm 6 months of the year. October means we *might* have a chance for a real breeze. I make no apologies for my love of October. The older I get (I’m almost 30 y’all!! Winking smile ) the more I love the changing of the seasons  season from summer hell to autumn glory. The rest of the seasons are rather meh.

Pale skin girls, this one is for you. I live by this one. I happen to love my job of teaching kids. I don’t love buying new clothes, even if they are now 4 sizes smaller. I wear mostly black and flannel. Easy to replace, clean, disguise, etc. Kids are dirty. Cute, but dirty.

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Speaking of flannel..

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Why yes, Gene. I do. I live in the woods in an RV. Jacking lumber is the norm for me. So is going to the river to collect drinking water. Not really. We buy it from Target.

This is a scene of beauty.

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I am SERIOUS about my flannel. As my friends well know. Group texts of hilarity. (nickname hidden to protect my street cred)

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Moving on to the PSL. I decided I didn’t have enough Fall coffee mugs. Never mind that I have zero shelf space to put one. I needed to make this SUPER OFFICIAL. My basic white girl card might be questioned one day. Look at this. A real mug with sweater print. It’s like all my fall dreams in one bag.

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After swilling chemical pumpkin spices, I decided my life needed more good smells in the form of carcinogenic fumes. The local mall just opened White Barn. That’s THE candle company for Bath and Body Works. I’m not crazy about pumpkin scented lotion. I always get a wavering sniff of myself and think I smell like a funky gourd. No thanks. I’m holding out for peppermint lotion which should be out in 2 weeks. For now, I need candles. (again..where I’m going to actually set a candle is an RV is a mystery)

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THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!! Just don’t bring a big bag. Or wear bulky clothes. Or a stroller. Don’t try to turn around. For that matter, bring along Bag Man/Woman. They just need to sit on the bench outside and watch your stuff. You need both hands ready to catch falling glass candles. Maybe this should be the Look From Afar and Sniff store. In all seriousness, I wanted to just sit all day and draw on their chalk boards and sniff candles. I walked away with 3 for 25 bucks. My favorite is Sweater Weather. It is a mix of manly man and berries and a hint of something snow-ish. I loved this one more than Flannel. That one reminded me of fires in Colorado, but it did have a burn smell that instantly turned me off.


Finally, my other favorite thing in October is my Hallow-kitty. We adopted Frankie on October 27, 2007. And he’s the best little snuggle buddy when the temps start falling. His little internal clock flips over and he loves to be on our laps again.

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Happy October!

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