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Midnight in Montgomery….

…is a very long time to be awake since I was up this early.


And why, pray tell, was I up this early? Teacher “continuing education” workshop. Our summers are not quite the leisurely sit-around-and-eat-peeled-grapes that many people truly believe. We are learning a new assessment system for Kindergarten so a road trip to Montgomery got started before the sun peeked up.

After we had our breakfast (hash browns and tea) and got back in the van, most of the trip was a mix of kindergarten planning, logistics of holding 25+ kids in our small rooms, why in the world we decided to teach, and could we just keep driving to the beach and call it a day?

After a long day in this room…(cheerful, isn’t it?)

teacher assessment

We hit the downtown for dinner and fresh air. The locals in the workshop highly recommended we walk down to The Alley. It had several restaurants and was within walking distance to the river. We had dinner at Wintzels and I was so hungry, I didn’t get a single picture of dinner. Bad food blogger!


montgomery 5

The downtown River Walk area was clean, safe (visible frequent police force), and full of families walking to the outdoor amphitheater area. It was a BEAUTIFUL night! Not too humid and no mosquitoes.


montgomery 2

Summer Movie Night by the river. Monsters, Inc. was the feature.

montgomery 4

After we walked off our dinner extravagance, we stood around our 5th floor hotel area and thought about the actual physics involved with jumping off the floor and onto these hanging things. Obviously, we had been up way too long and needed sleep!

2014-07-21 20.25.15

Tomorrow is another full day in the same room.  Gotta love summer continuing education!