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Let there be trees

I finally have all trees decorated and lights replaced. Those pre-lit things are never lit enough for me. I want them to look like they are on fire. I have a slight pyro fascination. I blame it on my hair.

Main Tree That’s Has a Section of Lights Missing And It Drives Me INSANE. This one has all of our travel, painted, decorative, mix/match, various, ornaments. No them. Just the family tree.

main tree

Kitchen Candy Tree. All candy, gingerbread, peppermint, baking/cooking ornaments. This one began in 2006 but started out as a 3ft tree. Now it’s 7.5’ of flaming sugary glory.

kitchen tree

Bama tree. I started this in 2011. We had an extremely tough year as a town with the tornadoes. By Christmas time, we were knee deep in reconstruction and the football team was gearing up for a BCS Championship. I needed a tree. I didn’t even pretend to start with a small one. I bought a 7ft for this one, too. Naturally, all ornaments are football/Univ. Alabama, crimson/white, and regional state ornaments. Houndstooth is required Winking smile The bookshelf holds additional Alabama Christmas stuff.

bama tree

17 days…..