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Kitchen Essentials


So what is on the list for your favorite cook in your life? Or the list of the friends who are new to cooking? Do you have anybody moving into an apartment for the first time or getting married? Then check out this list of kitchen essentials.  These are items for anybody who has even the slightest bit of interest or skill in cooking. I have these, have used them many times, and would recommend them to my closest friends and family.


1. Set of glass stacked mixing bowls. $35. These are very durable with thick glass walls and I use them a lot. I use them more for prep bowls than mixing bowls. When you take out boxed and canned chemical food, you will replace them with spices, seasonings, herbs, oils/vinegars, etc. This is a great set for all sizes but great space economy for the smallest kitchens. They do not have any etching from metal spoons or hand mixer blades.

2. Wilton spatulas. $7 I have broken the handles of other plastic spatulas. These have held up to all kinds of mixing torture.

3. Wood spoons. $10 I love these more than any other I have tried. These are bamboo and practically klutz proof. I haven’t broken or burned them in 3 years.

4. Plastic cutting boards. $10 I have a great end-grain wood board for all the fruits and vegetables involved in real food cooking, but I never use it for meat. I use plastic boards and I like the rubber gripper. I almost sliced my fingers off from a non-gripped plastic board.

5. Pyrex measuring cup $3-5 I LOVE these. I have a 1, 2, and 4 cup set and they have a special place in the most accessible cabinet. They have been with me since my first apartment. The easiest they are to grab, the more uses you will find for them.

6. Stainless steel colander $12 I have a plastic one since I use these often. However, be careful pouring boiling water into plastic. I now use my stainless steel for all hot food straining.

7. Microplane zester $13 This is worth the price. The reviews speak for themselves. Making the switch to real foods and less chemicals/preservatives means I use a lot of zested citrus, grated spices, hard cheeses, and chocolate.

8. Silicone Whisk and mini whisk $7-$13 I do a lot of mixing, stirring, and egg scrambling in a pan. I have several of the minis and 1 good silicone for use in my non-stick sauce pan.

That a good start for stocking a kitchen with must-have items. Did I leave anything out? I’m looking for good ideas for list #2!

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