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Palafox Farmer’s Market, Pensacola

Whenever we travel, I like to look for farmer’s markets. I love the diversity from region to region and finding the common things among all of them. I found a lot of reviews for Palafox so we planned to stop by after a quick breakfast at Waffle House. A side story on Waffle House: It’s been years since we’ve had breakfast there. We used to sneak out of our dorms during finals week to all commune at the WH in Jackson, TN. Sneaking out was quite an ordeal for the girls. We had bars on all the basement windows, except one. We had learned from the seniors how to stack chairs on the washing machine so we could sneak out of the window and follow the hedges to the parking lot. Then getting back in was always a challenge, especially if the chair had been moved.  Good memories!

Check out what we found at Palafox. A lot of greens, breads, coffee, and the cutest little fuzzball of a dog. He was adorable!

palafox palafox2 palafox3 palafox4 palafox5 palafox6

This helped ease the pain of waiting so long for our Tuscaloosa Market to open! I’ll be there bright and early Saturday. I may have to venture to Birmingham to Pepper Place for the first time this season. Saturday morning in Pensacola is off to a great start!

Sunsets-Pensacola 2012
Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere, Pensacola 2012


Thursday 13th of February 2014

When I get old, I think I want a lap puppy just like that one. :) We <3 farmers markets. Anytime we travel we always look up farmers markets & try to go to at least one.