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It’s all fun and games

2019-01-09 06.39.23-1

It feels great to be moving again and using heavy weights again. I just need to get back to running again and maybe I’ll feel back to normal. I haven’t felt “normal” in a long time. Even in the coldest part of the winter, I know I can find ways to get some endorphins dusted off and cook some not-so-crappy food. January is the perfect time to try recipes. If they fail, no big deal. The trash can flies are dormant this time of year.


It’s ok, Rocky IV guy. You’re drippy sweat is not so delicious, either.

Things at work are not the greatest right now. The kids are fantastic. I love my daily job of teaching kids. But the overall school mood is absolutely abysmal. We joke that our school is where fun goes to die. Seriously, in all my years, this is the worst morale I’ve ever experienced. One would think that one would take notice and do something about it. But that person also sits her faculty down minutes before Christmas break to tell them to buy new clothes before coming back to school (pants can’t touch the leg. Seriously. Pants Can’t Touch the Leg) and oh….our school state report card stinks but no big deal.

Image result for someecards incompetence

Leave it to some great co-workers (friends) to rebel in the face of abject negativity. I posted this on my facebook. It’s a lot true. I’m not a stranger hugger. I have a very wide personal space.


The next day, he delivered this to my grade-level team. (Side note—those kids were smiling. The adults are great at filtering the yuck to leave them the fun).

2019-01-10 12.17.23-1

Things like this and our after-school trips to various taco joints to talk about the administration and laugh ourselves silly over sophomoric humor and tequila/vodka are what get us through our school weeks. It’s not the ideal way to educate America’s children, but we make it work.

So here’s to the first week back and only 17 more!

Happy Thursday.