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Friday Favorites #43

2019 Friday Favorites

With Christmas recently over, I had no problem finding some favorite things to talk about for January. It’s cold out, and I’m drinking a hot toddy so I’m ready to ramble about stuff Santa brought. I sure do like him.

1. Old lady hand lotion.

This stuff makes your hands feel better than baby butts. It’s for Norwegian Ice fisherman (it says so on the box), but I don’t think they slap it out of your hands in the Walmart checkout line.


2. Chuck Taylors

Thanks to the new no-pants-can-touch-the-leg dress code at school, I’ve decided to throw it back to the 90’s when everything was 5 sizes too wide. Nothing says “1996 called and has been waiting on me” like Chuck Taylors and Doc Martens. Not only can I add some color—black is a color—to my new scrubs, they are super comfortable to wear at a place where I’m on my feet a LOT.

converse3. Erin Condren Planner folio

I’ve been wanting to find a system to keep my small planners together in my bag. I have my EC life planner that is my life. But I have petite planners for meal planning, goal setting, general notes, and health log. I love this one from EC. It’s durable and it holds my planners together. Plus, the charcoal is the perfect color for me.

ec folio

4. Peppermint Bark—the good stuff.

Williams Sonoma. Fancy. Expensive. Perfect for a Christmas list. I love this stuff and for many years, I have bought myself a box the weekend after Halloween when I start putting up holiday decorations. I have to drive to Birmingham to get it so I wait for a trip when I need Trader Joe’s, Penzey’s, and Whole Food items. This box is the dark chocolate and I believe it is now my favorite. A small piece at night with coffee is my idea of how to survive the January doldrums.

peppermint bark

5. Reese Witherspoon

While I love her movies, I can’t afford her clothing. Her Draper James line of clothing is right up my alley, but I just don’t love clothes that much. If I spend a chunk of change on clothing, it will be exercise clothing or running shoes. Otherwise, I invest in a few pieces of clothing and shoes that I wear for years.

But…this book starts out with sass and frass and a lot of badass. It’s full of southern charm from her childhood. I’m ready to read more. I’ll have a full review after I’ve finished.

witherspoon book

Happy Friday!