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If Monday Had a Face…

I didn’t get my coffee this morning. Last night, all the drainage and all the medicine left me extremely sick. When Stephen made a pot of coffee, he wisely suggested I stay far away from it. I drank some broth and ate an orange instead. I wasn’t hungry anyway.

What is it about Monday that had all of us dragging today? The kids were sleepy, some even choosing to snooze in a corner during play time. I was sleepy. The whole school seemed in a fog today. I’m blaming it on winter sadness. We are stuck with the cold, but no fun snow or even sleet to be excited about.

I had plans to go to CrossFit after work since I do not have tutoring on Mondays. But then I got sick again and felt the beginnings of a migraine trying to attack. Sinus migraines happen maybe 3 times a year but I know if I do not get some medicine ahead of it, I could be out of commission for 12-24 hours. I don’t have time for that so I came home and doped up.

day 22

Whole30 is FINALLY starting to be “easy”. It’s natural for me to grab a big insulated Tervis cup of ice water instead of looking for a soda or sweet tea. I’m living on chicken soup and easy-to-digest applesauce and roasted vegetables but they are good! In fact, I’m craving a big pot of slow-cooker apples and cinnamon. Another sign is my pants are loose. I can take my jeans off without unbuttoning them. My work pants are loose everywhere and I like that loose, almost pajama feeling, so I’m going to keep wearing these. My face, unfortunately, is full of sinus pressure and prescription-puffiness. But, I know I’m feeling better about sugar and how real food tastes good.

Breakfast: Water and an orange.

Lunch: Half a baked potato and this soup.

2015-01-25 09.07.48

Snack: Ham and Green olives. I love the Lindsay’s Naturals. They are not salty.

Dinner: Headache medicine and a LOT of water.

Happy Monday and thanks for reading along 🙂