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Icy contentment


The snow didn’t happen. Why I get my hopes up, I have no idea, but I do. When the original forecast has us in the 6-8” zone, I was ecstatic. I knew that we probably wouldn’t get that much, but maybe I could see a good blanket of 2”. The sleet started about 1 pm and the sidewalks and roads quickly iced over. THe snow started around 1:30 and stopped around 2Pm. That was it. The rest of the day was sleet, freezing rain, and occasional snow mixed in.

Last night, the city shut down at 6pm. Most people were off the roads and in their respective homes and the only sounds were the sleet on the roof. Lights were on up and down the street and they glowed in the misty air. It was beautiful and sad at the same time.

This morning, it was eerily quiet outside.


My shoes made a familiar crunching sound as I walked around to see what happened overnight. It wasn’t the same muffled crunch like snow, but it was close enough. I saw thousands of icicles.


ice5 ice7

Sleet pebble on a fuzzy leaf. I had no idea they were star shaped. Each one I tried to photograph was star shaped. My macro lens is worth every penny to see things like this.


And as I walked around, crunching in the ice and trace snow, I really looked around. No, there were no snow-lined branches or extra drifts against the trees. I didn’t have my highly coveted blanket of puffy snow. But I did have some beautiful shots of winter weather here in the south. The amazing thing was we still had power. Ice storms almost always equal lost power/hot water for days on end. Not only did I have white ground cover and melting icicles, but I had breakfast to look forward to.

Life isn’t all that bad when I ‘m home due to a snow day, either.

Breakfast for a morning like this needed to be extra special. The house was still chilly and I really just wanted to go back to bed or jump in a hot shower. I had a huge craving for eggs and grits. This is a southern standard and I was raised on this. Some of my earliest memories involve my Grandmother and Great-grandmother making eggs and grits for me. Over the past few years, I’ve changed up the original dish to include a few extra ingredients—cheese and scallions/green-onions in my grits! This breakfast will definitely stick with me.


breakfast2 breakfast4


Breakfast by the window, watching the sleet start up again. The ground is white with sleet and trace snow. So pretty 🙂  After this, it’s either time for a nap or a hot soak. I’m finally seeing the end of a massive 9 week sinus infection, hopefully. I’m resting when I can. Today is the best day for it….a perfect snow day.

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Thursday 17th of January 2013

[...] won’t belabor the failed snow chances in previous years. I won’t talk about the “sleeting” that was supposed to be snow. I will not plan to be out of school since it’s 6:30 and they haven’t called it [...]

Sonya Blanton

Monday 10th of January 2011

This was awesome! Thanks for sharing! =)


Monday 10th of January 2011

Great pictures! What kind of macro lens do you use?

We got all the snow here.


Tuesday 11th of January 2011

Thanks! I'm using a canon-Ef macro 100mm f/2.8. I bought most of my lenses with my salary from teaching summer school in '07. It was a great teaching experience, but I was exhausted when school started back. I used every penny to buy my camera and a few lenses.


Monday 10th of January 2011

I thought for sure you'd end up with snow :( I kept checking your site to see snow pix or something - boo


Tuesday 11th of January 2011

I can't believe it went north by about 25 miles. I could have cried :-(