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I have the flu

This sad story begins with me waking up and feeling like death. I didn’t have fever, so obviously it is just a sinus infection.

3 hours later, I had some shots for the sinus and ear infections, and I refused the tamiflu. I would rather not take medicine that makes me feel worse than the flu. I would, however, rather eat a lot of these.

2014-12-04 11.37.54

With a day off work to be sick and not spread my germs everywhere, what’s a girl to do? Sleep and make things in her blender. This was a lovely mocha milkshake to help my raw throat.

 2014-12-04 14.06.32-1  

Then it was time to spread some Christmas cheer by singing loudly for all to hear. Frankie wasn’t enthused. He liked it better when I shut up and let the UE Boom spread the cheer.

 2014-12-04 14.10.05

And after sleeping a few hours, I wanted hot soup. I used some turkey bones from Thanksgiving and my Instant Pot and made a big batch of broth. I loved this stuff. There is a TON of research out there proving what our grandmothers have tried to tell us. Chicken soup (or any bone broth) has healing properties.

2014-12-04 15.50.22

 2014-12-04 19.31.19-2

It’s been a very rough day. I had originally planned to have tomorrow off as a personal day. I do believe I will be changing that to a sick day. I’ve almost lost the will to conjure up more sarcasm. Times are tough here!