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December Already??

I just wish it was cool enough for a sweater. We are sweltering in Alabama this week. Last week, we were bundled up to our noses and as soon as the calendar changed, we are back to flip flops and tank tops.

And that may be the reason why I’m feeling like I got hit by a truck. I’m crossing my fingers that this is just a fall sinus infection. I’ve been taking plenty of precautions.

My December diet is off to a great start.

Y’all know I don’t diet. I eat a ton of food, just in varying stages of sugar. No sugar, some sugar, and all the sugar. That just means my January Whole 30 will be a work of art.

I’ll be back with some great recipes as soon as I feel like eating real food. This coughing makes eating seem like an exercise in futility.

Speaking of exercise, I’m still kicking some major tail with my Fitbit charge. These mornings at school are hectic and I’m getting to my halfway point before 8am. Check out the leader board! Team EAST is still a tiny bit ahead of the West.


2014-12-03 10.19.05

And I’m still keeping up with the Runner’s World Run Streak. Running feels fun again. It has felt that way ever since our trip to Savannah for the race that didn’t happen. I had no idea a DNS would be such a great thing for me in the long run.

Happy Wednesday!

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