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I can smell summer

And it smells like bacon.

2017-05-25 10.20.34

Gifts from friends that are fellow teachers are always on point.

Today was the last day with kiddos. They left at lunch and the faculty ate together in blessed silence or adult conversation. The last week of school is usually so stressful, nobody wants to even look at each other because few of us have mouth filters. I work in a truly unique school that has people who understand how each other tick. So, we told stories and laughed louder than the kids do, glad the week is almost over and looking forward to our favorite summer activity….

2017-05-25 14.16.51

Yes, I went there. We all know Sandra Bullock and Betty White do it much better, but this fits almost every teacher in the world after the last day of school.


I am taking a rest day or two from running this week so I met up with a friend to hear a local duo group sing some great covers and a few original songs. This is Joe and Jana.

2017-05-25 19.52.31-1

We were at Cypress Inn, which is a famous place on the Black Warrior River. I had a couple of sides from their gluten-free menu and this is one of my favorite places to get some good food that won’t contaminate me.

Happy Thursday!