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Holiday School Snacks and Ornaments

For the last week of school before the Christmas holidays, the Kindergarten teachers plan a week of theme days. We dress up, make ornaments, eat snacks, read stories, make crafts, and watch movies and we set each theme from a children’s book or movie. We have a santa day, rudolph, Grinch, Charlie Brown, and Polar Express. Our snacks are easy-to-make and so much fun.

I have been helping students make these for many years. Every year that I think about skipping this one, I get comments from parents of previous students about putting this on on the tree and thinking about how small their handprints were that year. This year, I have 4..FOUR students that are younger siblings of previous students so I knew I had to do this one for them, as well.

snowman fingerprint ornament

Gingerbread ornaments. These smell so good!


This Santa snack is made from graham crackers, buttercream frosting, red piping icing (squeeze tube), M&Ms and marshmallows.

santa snack


The Rudolph snack is very similar. I used some of the butter cream and added cinnamon to it for the brown face. Pretzel antlers. Red piping icing for nose. M&Ms for eyes.

rudolph snack









Grinch snacks are grapes, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows.

2014-12-17 13.08.20

Christmas in Kindergarten 2015 was a blast!

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies
Christmas Afloat 2015