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Happy Camping in Aspen

The first night was cold, but I was dressed in a good base layer and the sleeping bag really was designed for cold extremes. I would have never believed a non-down filled bag could do that.

My first thought when I stumbled out of the tent was coffee and chocolate. And hey, it’s vacation, so a s’more for breakfast is a great idea.


I love these little flat stacker marshmallows. They puff just a little, but they are not too much. When I use the regular jumbo ones, I feel like I get more marshmallow than anything else.


All I need is coffee.


Second breakfast. I sat and read while he cooked for us.


Egg sandwich and bacon.


Now that I was full from 2 breakfasts, we went exploring. I found some trails, Stephen found a still body of water.




After we spent the morning exploring the rivers and woods, we wanted a quick lunch. Dehydrated meals in a bag. We tried these last year and they were yummy! I got a chicken gumbo for this trip.




It had a great flavor once I added salt. I ate half the bag and saved the other half. I will definitely get this one again.


For dinner, we dined in style. Beef veggie skewers and another pan of potatoes. I marinated them in a red wine vinegar/Italian seasoning blend.



Maroon Bells, Aspen Colorado
Crater Lake, Colorado