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Crater Lake, Colorado

Today, we took a long hike to the Colorado version of Crater Lake which is right at the base of the 2 Maroon Bells. Let’s just say it was “rocky” and leave it at that.


……but rocky.









We met a lot of interesting people on the way up and down. We saw a lot of typical day hikers. One family of 4 had a full weeks’ supply on their packs. One couple looked like they were dressed for a day of shopping or cruising on a yacht. They were wearing Keds, cardigans tied around their necks, and the lady was carrying a purse. Perhaps the lady we liked the most was a new mother. She had a young child, under a year old, in a backpack carrier. When she passed, she asked us if he was asleep, and he wasn’t. He was just taking in everything. She said she is trying to lose some baby weight and get back into hiking shape. Because he was such a good hiker, she wanted to make the climb carrying him on her back. She got to Crater Lake a few minutes after we did and they sat and enjoyed the view. Very inspirational and I really enjoyed talking to her. This was a very technical climb and she was amazing with her son on her back.

And now, Crater Lake!



On the way back down, more views of Maroon Lake.


After we came back down, we followed a little sign that read “scenic trail”.

Little did we know how scenic it would be. It was a huge waterfall!







Later, we came back to Maroon Lake for our last night of fishing and sunsets. Pics and info coming up!

Happy Camping in Aspen
Maroon Bells


Wednesday 6th of May 2015

Is that waterfall connected to Crater Lake or to something else??