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Frisco, Colorado 2019

frisco 4Morning in Frisco usually includes brunch at the Butterhorn Bakery. They have  this gluten-free French toast that I enjoy once a year and only in Frisco. This year, I added a hot chocolate since the weather was cold!

butterhorn bakery hot chocolatebutterhorn bakeryFrisco 6After brunch, we explored the town. The wildflowers were out with the snowy mountains in the background. We then drove up to Loveland Pass. This is a much-travelled 2-lane twisty road. The road is also used for 18 wheelers carrying any hazardous materials. These trucks are prohibited from going through Eisenhower Tunnel. They must go around the tunnel using Loveland Pass.

Also, a quick trip out to Montezuma which has a fantastic stop sign.

frisco 8

frisco 7Montezuma 2Loveland pass