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Friday Favorites 21-Etsy Shops

etsy shops


Many of you know I’m a huge fan of Erin Condren planners and in the past few weeks, my planner has taken on a new life of its own. I use a lot of functional stickers for reminders and I leave a lot of room to write because..I do actually use this every day. IF I have room leftover, I like to use seasonal stickers to decorate or I’ll use extra space to add memories, events, etc. It’s a little like mini-scrapbooking.

erin condren 

I make some of these stickers and I buy the rest from Etsy sellers. Here are 3 of my favorites so far.

1. Stickers Washi and More

Marci is the best at FAST shipping and that is why I am a frequent buyer. Also, I just love the designs. The Trash cans were my first purchase and I have clicked “pay” a few times in the past few weeks. Check out the stickers from her shop.

Weekend Stickers


To Do and Goals. I use the “To Do” every week in my regular Life Planner. I use the “Goals” in my health/blog planner.



I buy something from my favorite coffee shops each weekend. It’s my little $3-$4 weekend celebration.


Trash can, Nails, Lined lists, cat litter reminder (Frankie approves).


My latest night!



2. The Busy Bee Shop

I LOVE this first set of seasonal stickers from this shop. The Fall Bucket List has been so much fun. I may not be able to use ALL the ideas but I have really enjoyed this list. The stickers are adorable and I love the bright colors. I can’t wait to add the Holiday Bucket List to my next purchase. There are also patterned flags, checklist flags, and section labels.


Halloween stickers and pack of patterned lists, flags, and section labels.

busy bee 

3. Queen Bee Designs

Kristen has a large shop with a ton of planner items. I bought a big supply of section labels that fit perfectly over a Morning-Day-Night block in the planner. The checklist flags are used weekly in my “School” section. I use my own labels to cover my section headers. These are health/goals flags that I use in my health/fitness/blog planner.

Queen Bee Design

Section labels and checklist flags.

queen bee designs

In the coming weeks, I’ll add to my list because I have an ETSY cart that is full of wishes and wants.

Anybody else and Erin Condren planner fanatic? (Facebook groups….I know you’re out there because I read the shenanigans often!!)