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Friday Favorites 44

2019 Friday Favorites

I have a longer list of favorites this week. I’m starting with coffee. Like I do most of my days.

1. Heritage House Coffee

2019-02-10 10.41.51

If you are local to Tuscaloosa and have not tried Heritage House, I’m not sure we can be friends. In addition to their amazing coffee creations, their bakery has some gluten-free items that will knock your socks off. The breakfast and lunch menu is a favorite for locals and the college crowd.

But my favorite part of HH is their whole bean coffee selection. I usually stop by every couple of months and try something new and replenish some favorites. Southern Pecan tastes just like pecan pie. And I’m okay with that.

2. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

2019-02-11 08.10.22Let me be perfectly honest here. I’m smack-dab in the middle of “middle aged” and my skin care routine, up until recently, involved a baby wipe at night, a slather of Oil of Olay, and every once in a while a smidge of wrinkle cream. My makeup routine is a layer of tinted sunscreen and I never leave the house without mascara. I have fair skin and light lashes. I want those things to stand out but I don’t want the mess running down my face at the end of the day. I’ve tried several brands throughout the years and THIS is ALMOST IT. I think I need to try the waterproof UD next to see if it makes it last through an after-school workout.

Perversion literally expands my lashes. They lengthen, and now you can actually tell I have eyelashes. Until I try the waterproof Cannonball, I will not let go of Perversion.

3. Trader Joes Fire Roasted Peppers

2019-02-09 18.09.23

I know in all my previous versions of Favorites, these have to be on the list. But just in case, these are still in regular rotation at my house. The ingredients are only peppers and onions. No salt, seasoning, etc. I pull out what I need, save the rest, and save some time.

4. Just Crack an Egg

2019-02-11 08.09.07We go from super plain ingredients to a chemical stew of preservatives all for the sake of convenience. But, these are high protein and low in carbs for those who lean towards that way of eating. I use two large eggs and add a minute to cooking time. You pull the wrapper off the top, open the 2 little bags inside and pour in. They peppers/onions are kept separate from the meat and cheese. Crack two eggs, stir the whole thing up and microwave it. Stir once in the middle of the time, finish cooking, then eat. They taste pretty good!

5. Evo oil spritzer.

 2019-02-11 08.15.55I have tried a lot of various oil spritzers. I even used a few of them that I didn’t love until I got so frustrated, they had to GO. I gave up on using oil spritzers. Since we moved in the house, I use my hands or a paper towel to oil pans and casserole dishes. I drizzle it over food and stir it all up. But when I back home for the holidays, my mother whipped out this beauty. It WORKS!!! It even sprays oil over whatever you need to spray. I almost brought it home with me. Thankfully, Santa found one for me Winking smile

6. Young Living Thieves and RC

2019-02-11 08.11.20I know I’ve talked before about my oils. I’ve been using them for about 2 years and these 2 work so well together for just about anything. Right now, I’m diffusing these at night to help me sleep and breathe through this flu. While I love my oils, I will never claim they do anything more than support my health. Oil help with headaches so I don’t have to take my OTC meds. They help with getting good sleep. They help with calm and stress, motivation and productivity, energy and clarity. They don’t cure cancer.

7. Book of the Month

2019-02-10 10.59.52I love my Book of the Month! I like choosing my book or books on the first day of each month. Sometimes, I add an extra book from previous best-sellers that have good reviews or sound interesting. This month, I chose the new Winter Sister which is a mystery. I also chose Gone Girl because I love everything else she has written. I have not read this nor watched the movie so now is a great time to get it discounted. I’m sure I have an affiliate link in my account but just google Book of the Month. It’s 14.99 a month for 1 book and additional add-ons for $10.00. All in hardcover.

8. L.L. Bean Travel toiletry bag2019-02-11 21.20.42

I love this so much, I’m doing a full review with pictures soon. It’s a hanging bag that holds a lot of stuff but it’s compact enough for daily use in a gym bag. I waited for one of those rare sales at L.L. Bean and got it for a steal!

And that’s the end for this month. I had a lot to ramble about but I hope some of y’all found something to check out. I didn’t include any links because google is your friend and I’m not selling anything. Not even the oils Winking smile