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Friday Favorites 29



1. Dr. Seuss Lorax.

This is Read Across America week! This happens every first week of March that includes March 2nd Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Many teachers like this week because we get to do some more fun stuff and the kids love it as much as the adult kids. We have theme days that usually include pajama day, hat day, wacky wednesday, and maybe crazy hair day. Our school also has a book character parade. We dress up as our favorite characters.

My favorite Dr. Seuss book (after the Grinch….Grinch will always hold my heart!) is the Lorax. It never fails, I cry big girl tears at the end of the movie. This quote is such a life quote. It’s a mantra in our classroom. Even 5 year olds know that kindness counts.

2. ProCompression 4 leaf clover socks

Image 1

I’ve already ordered a pair. I’m a sucker for good compression for running and anything shamrock/clover (there’s a difference, people).

To be brief: the four-leaf clover has nothing to do with Ireland or St. Patrick’s Day. The green leafy plant we ought to be associating with St. Patrick is, of course, the shamrock, which is specifically a sprig of the clover plant with three leaves, not four.

3. Tuscaloosa River Market.

river market 3

I know I’ve mentioned this time and time again, but it’s never actually made a FF list. Now it is. I love to go to Birmingham each spring/summer to explore Pepper Place market. But what is even better is going to our own market every weekend, summer/winter. The location is incredible. I can buy my meat, eggs, and vegetables, grab a hot tea from Tea Town truck, and then watch the barges and Alabama rowing team on the river. Our River Walk area that includes this market is unbelievable.

This is a short list today, but next week is my birthday and I’m saving some good ones for then. Happy Friday!

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